The Way You Look At Me – Out Now

Valeska and the River’s newest neoclassical piano piece is here and it’s a warm and energetic tune! Introducing „The Way You Look At Me,“ a heartfelt piece filled with delicate yet powerful melodies.
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The Way You look At Me - Valeska and the River

God Rays – Out Now

God Rays is a song I wrote when I needed peace … so that is what it sounds like. A warm cloud of sounds wrapping you up like a warm blanket of sounds. A moment of inner peace.

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God Rays Valeska Rautenberg

A Winter’s Song by Valeska and the River

A Winter’s Song – a delicate waltz to celebrate the beauty of winter by my neoclassical project ‚Valeska and the River‘ Immerse yourself in a serene winter wonderland with Valeska and the River’s latest piano composition.
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A winter's song Valeska and the River

Infinite – Out Now

‚Infinite‘ is the piano piece that took the longest to release. It is complex and different and in a 13/8 rhythm (why on earth would I do that?). It cost me sleepless nights, but I love it!

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Wicked Game – Out Now

Oh my – my first cover song! I just had to give this iconic piece of music my own spin! Hope you enjoy 🙂 I had a lot of fun creating my very own version of this song.
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A new piano piece for all my restless hearts out there … for the longing, the hoping, the always searching! May this song caress you on your journey!
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Restless Heart Valeska Rautenberg

A Journey Through The Particles – Out Now

A Journey Through The Particles – Imagine a piano song accidentally ending up in a Berlin night club. It starts as a tender and playful piano piece venturing out into choirs and string ensembles, then somehow ending up in a night club to meet synths and beats for a drink.
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A Journey Through The Particles - Valeska Rautenberg


Capturing the charm, never ending change, roughness, and unforgettable smirk of my hometown Berlin. Listening to this melancholic and sometimes dissonant piano piece you can feel the contrasts and quirkiness of this unique city.
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Along The 7 Seas – Out Now

Along the 7 seas” describes our journey through life where we are often stuck or trapped by our past, but yet all carry within us the key that if we trust, all will turn out well.
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Along the 7 seas Valeska Rautenberg

The Forest Song – Out Now

The Forest Song is a song that, to me, sounds like standing in the middle of a sunny forest clearing with the wind rustling in the leaves while being in awe of the immense power and love of nature and realizing that we ourselves are indeed nature.
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The Forest Song Valeska Rautenberg

You Are Everything – Out Now

Well, once in a while there is a love song inside of me that needs to emerge from the depths … in this case from the bottom of my heart at around 4 am in the morning, recorded in my bedroom in Berlin Friedrichshain a few years ago.
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Into The Still White (Songs For Piano, Wind & Water)

Sitting by the window, looking out at the rain, following a train of thought while having a cup of tea … serenity meets the sweet melancholy of a just-finished book, a deep sigh, the feeling of longing for a non-existent place … here’s the soundtrack to my current state of mind.
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Infinite – Out Now

My heart melts into rivers … into the infinite until it becomes pure tenderness. My heart, my infinite heart … it always loves.
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Twilight – Out Now

When the dark meets the light for a good night kiss. Deep within a forest where no one can see their secret bliss. Here’s my new piano piece ‚Twilight‘ for you. From my heart to yours.
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Veins Ep in the press

It is always such a wonderful thing to see my music fly into the world and feel it touch somebody’s life …
Thank you for all the support, the beautiful words and the great opportunities.
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Valeska Rautenberg

Berliner Morgen – Music Video

Capturing the beauty and the solitude of a walk through Berlin at 5.30 in the morning. Imagine coming out of a club (possibly slightly drunk), into the peaceful Berlin drenched in blue.
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Berliner Morgen - Valeska Rautenberg

Veins – Songs For Piano, Wind & Water

Sometimes there’s no need for words. You can let the wind whisper, the water roar, the birds talk, and the streets of Berlin tell their stories … while you play along on the piano, capturing all of those little moments.
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Aerial Minds EP Out Now

I’m so happy to share with you this little piece of my heart.
Aerial Minds is the first of a cycle of four EPs: Each dedicated to one of the four elements.
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Aerial Minds EP - Valeska Rautenberg

Reviews And Support For „All Is Forgotten“

“All Is Forgotten” is quite simply a thing of sublime splendor. Between melody, counter-melody and sweetly intricate harmonies, Valeska shows off a subtle bohemian spirit and a deep appreciation of simple, pastoral beauty. 
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Schall Musikmagazin Valeska Rautenberg All Is Forgotten


Dear All!

Alpha Minus will be playing a show on Saturday (Feb. 24th) in Berlin @Saarbach Gallery together with Glasxs, and I will be joining him to perform our ‚Whale Song‘..
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Prag, du Schöne!

PASSENGER X ist ein fantastischer Reiseblog, den ich Euch nur wärmstens empfehlen kann. Für diesen tollen Blog habe ich mich auch mal in Wort und Bild austoben dürfen..
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Whale Song Out Now!

I wrote this song about 10 years ago and could never really figure out what its destination would be…I just knew that it would have its moment one day. And then Alpha Minus came along and wove it into this beautiful arrangement..
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Whale Song - Valeska Rautenberg & Alpha Minus

Your Love Is Fire

‚Your love is fire‘ is a theatre play by Syrian author Mudar Alhaggi. I’ve had the honour of contributing two musical pieces to this play, and it will have its Berlin premiere on the 10th of June. You’ll find more information in the links below..
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Music for theatre play 'Your love is fire'

Lucky und Luna – das interaktive Kinderbuch

One of my very favourite projects is this wonderful app and audiobook series for children. As well as doing the audio production, I lend my voice to Luna, a very special cat indeed. The recording for the fourth book is beginning soon and I can’t wait..
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Valeska Rautenberg_Lucky und Luna

Schlindwein & Valeska

The record label R.O.T. is celebrating its 18th birthday (Happy Birthday!) and to mark the occasion, they have released a sampler called ‚Berlin Sounds for the Next Decade‘ featuring a variety of different artists..
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Valeska Rautenberg_Berlin Songs

Creative Times

In the last few years, I have dedicated most of my time to my students and to the great artists who I work with and support in their creative endeavours..
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Kurz vor dem Atem war der Gedanke
Und formte den Tod
Der dem Geist kurzen Einhalt gebot.
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Valeska Rautenberg Music Video Shoot Strange Companion