Tadaaa 🙃

Thanks to the #gvl and #neustartkultur I got to produce another neoclassical EP called River Soul. Yay 😀!


Here is the first single for your listening pleasure. Trust me, it’s a weird thing to release and promote music in these times when all you wanna do is stick like glue to the news and secretly create master plans in your mind about how to destroy all weapons in the world. But music is the one way I know how to bring a bit more joy and peace into the world … so here we go:

Capturing the charm, never ending change, roughness, and unforgettable smirk of my hometown Berlin. Listening to this melancholic and sometimes dissonant piano piece you can feel the contrasts and quirkiness of this unique city. This neoclassical song is an homage to all of Berlin’s wonders and foibles.A music video will be released with the song taking you on a little walk through the ugly pretty city. This is the first single from the upcoming EP ‚River Soul (Songs For Piano, Wind & Water) This project was funded by GVL & Neustarthilfe Kultur.And many, many thanks to these guys:

Mixed by: Thomas Lemmer Mastered by: Chris Pavey Video by: Matan Kedar