Coaching & More

‚To find your voice is to discover a sound that is all your own – to sense your own being. It is to sound like you are.‘

Over many years now I’ve loved teaching music. I am currently working with about 50 singers, actors, coaches, songwriters, musicians & speakers, helping them develop their voices and music even further.

Online and in Berlin

Table of contents:

  • Vocal Coaching
  • Techniques
  • My Voice For You (Session Singing)
  • Songwriting/Arrangement/Lyrics
  • Voice Acting

Vocal Coaching

Singing is sure to enrich your life, whether as a beginner or a seasoned professional – no matter your level of experience. It’s relaxing, brings a deeper awareness of your body, sharpens your powers of concentration and strengthens the immune system. By finding your own voice, you will come closer to your true self as well as to other people.

Style of teaching

With my style of teaching, I want to convey my enthusiasm for singing, musical instruments and songwriting; and guide you playfully and creatively to go beyond what you thought your limits were. In order to free the natural sound of my students, I am willing to take many paths, including less orthodox ones that weave elements of Yoga, Qi Gong and somatic exercises into my approach to teaching. 

I tailor each lesson to the individual needs of the student and integrate the following key elements into my teaching:


  • Physical Techniques: This encompasses breathing techniques, enhanced awareness of your muscle memory and finding the posture to fully free your voice.
  • Voice Techniques: Modern methods of voice training, blending registers, vocal placement, extending range and belting are taught with a solid grounding in classical techniques.
  • Creative Techniques: The most important part here is building a bridge between your emotions and the technical side of singing. These also include interpretation, variations in timbre, presentation, working on your own repertoire and improvisation.
  • Songwriting/Recording: Developing the structures and melodies of your songs, working on lyrics, and recording the completed pieces.
  • Speaking, Voice Training and Body Language: Develop the confidence to speak in public or professional settings by practicing presentations and working on how you manage your body language.
  • Piano, DAW and Music Theory: If exploring the voice isn’t enough, then we can, of course, go further.

Session Singer

My Voice For Your Projects:

As a singer who has guested on tracks by many artists, as well as being a studio singer and a voice actress I have experience working in a wide variety of genres/characters. I have always enjoyed this challenge and make it my mission to inhabit whatever kind of project I am working on and make it my own.

Songwriting & More


I offer guidance to musicians and bands to help with their songwriting, arrangements and lyrics. My main goal is to listen objectively and empathetically; to find out what best serves the song, and to find the balance between too much and too little. Sometimes you need a mediator to ensure you stay true to your original idea.

Voice Acting

Voice Acting:

You can hear my voice in radio commercials, audio books, video games like Dragon Age and more. Here is a link to my voice acting demos:

Whether you want a consult on a song, work on your vocals, or arrangement advice; it’s all possible online as well. Get in touch!

Harness my skills in vocals, songwriting, music production, and voiceover for your project. I bring a versatile range of talents to create captivating songs and enhance your artistic vision. Let’s collaborate and bring your project to life with my voice, lyrics, and musical expertise.