Valeska Rautenberg

the soundtrack to my innermost.

Weaving storytelling vocals, acoustic elements and piano sounds into electronica and field recordings and thereby creating landscapes; traveling into Indie Pop, Downbeat, Alt Pop, and beyond.

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In The Press

“Aerial Minds is a soundscape of captivating melodies and introspective lyrics that take you on a journey to explore your innermost feelings. Valeska writes deep reflective songs that cover the human condition with compassion and insight. She should be on your essential playlist and artist to watch list.“ Indie Music Women

“You make gentle steps through a new landscape in which an echo of Kate Bush reverberates and you feel like you’re on a walk with Clannad.“ Schall Magazine

“She sings her lyrics with such nuance and immersion you can literally feel Valeska’s soul and spirit wrap itself around you like a plush fleece blanket on a cold winter’s night.“ Tunedloud

“Midnight Children opening with vocal loops that set up for an electronic influenced track with rumbling bass lines, minimal shuffling percussion (going with the trip hop mention before, the work of Lamb comes to mind). Rautenberg on this track comes across as a combination of smoky Jazz vocalist meets Torch singer. The music and vocals seem to come from diametrically different position, but it is this clash that makes them work together as it offers more dimensions than just complementing elements.“ Drifting, Almost Falling.

„La talentueuse musicienne allemande, nous présentait en octobre dernier une nouvelle pièce toute en voix reflétant les nombreuses questions qui accompagnent nos vies, surtout en cette période d’incertitudes. Accompagnée d’un simple et superbe clip, cette nouveauté donne des frissons par sa puissante sobriété et surtout par le chant somptueux de Valeska. Un excellent remix est d’ailleurs paru cette semaine de la part de ses amis Thomas Lemmer et Andreas Bach, qui injectent une tout autre dimension à cette composition déjà prenante. À découvrir sans attendre si vous appréciez la musique axée sur la voix!“ Mes Enceintes Font Défaut

Features & Milestones

Valeska has been featured by many international artists such as: We Are All Astronauts, Thomas Lemmer, Georgi Gogow and many more.

The song ’Ether’ by We Are All Astronauts & Valeska Rautenberg is currently at 1.4 million streams on Spotify.

Valeska sang on national television for the president of Germany Horst Köhler.

The electro chart hit ‚Easy‘ by Trick & Kubic and Valeska was featured in Germany’s Next Topmodel, by Pro7 & Versace.

The song ‚All Is Forgotten‘ is featured in the award winning documentary ‚You Bet I Dance‘.


Valeska is a multi-genre indie musician/singer/ composer, as well as a voice-over actress and a music coach. Born in East Berlin to actor Klaus- Peter Thiele and painter Rosemarie Rautenberg, she grew up living and breathing creativity and has followed that path throughout her life.

“Her music doesn’t follow any rules outside of her own inspiration, and so it happens that in the worlds she creates, the Cheshire Cat lives alongside the Steppenwolf.“ – Christian K.L. Fischer – SCHALL. Musikmagazin – Editor in Chief

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