My Past Adventures In TV, Music & More

Here is a selection of my past adventures as an actor and voice-over artist, as well as some of my early musical endeavors for you to explore. Take a look around!

Past Adventures in Film & TV

The Peanuts film premiered back in 1996 with an exceptional German cast. The lead role was portrayed by Ulrich Mühe, an Oscar winner, and I had the privilege of playing his daughter.

Fun fact: My father and Ulrich Mühe, who portrayed my father in the film, were actually friends in real life. 😉

Here I am in a TV show called „Sterne des Südens“ (Stars of the South) alongside Mark Keller. It was filmed on the beautiful island of Crete, creating unforgettable memories. You can find more information about it on Wikipedia.

I had my first major role as a child in „Polizeiruf 110“ when I was 11 years old, and it was a life-changing experience for me.

Polizeiruf 110 – Todesfall im Park

It’s always a fun memory for me starring in „Gegen den Wind“ alongside Ralf Bauer. I even tried my hand at surfing, although not very successfully.

Meine grüne Freiheit – Two movies that took me to the beautiful Ireland for several months were an incredible experience. I had the opportunity to portray an Irish girl named Kate O’Malley.

Breitengrad – I had the pleasure of being part of a beautiful short film alongside Katharina Wackernagel.

Past Adventures in Music

It’s truly an extraordinary experience to have had the opportunity to perform in front of the president on national television. In 2008, as part of Der Wilde Garten, we had the honor of participating in a televised Christmas concert for the then-president of Germany, Horst Köhler. After the show, we had the pleasure of celebrating with champagne and engaging in a delightful conversation with his wife about singing. It was a special moment that I will always cherish.

Der Wilde Garten – with Georgi Gogow and Rainer Rohloff

Der Wilde Garten was indeed a remarkable project that involved numerous musicians. As part of our trio, we had the opportunity to perform enchanting Christmas songs in our own distinctive interpretations, showcasing the beauty of the music in eight different languages. It was a joy to share our music with audiences across Germany.

Trick & Kubic feat. Valeska

In 2006, our song „Easy“ had an incredible journey that propelled it to new heights. It was featured in the finale of Germany’s Next Topmodel. Following this exposure, the song quickly climbed the charts, gaining popularity and recognition. Its catchy melody and memorable lyrics caught the attention of Pro7, leading to its use in their advertisements, further amplifying its reach. The song was even selected to accompany a Versace fashion show. Additionally, the music video for the song starred Lena Gerke, the winner of Germany’s Next Topmodel.

My first release was actually a big coincidence 😉

The start of my music career was marked by a fortuitous turn of events. It all began when a friend of mine happened to share my vocals with the Finnish DJ Orkidea. Upon hearing my voice, he was captivated and immediately saw the potential for collaboration. Without hesitation, we embarked on a creative journey together, and that’s how „Melancholy“ came into existence.

Opening a major Gospel festival was an incredibly enjoyable experience for me. Gospel music is one of my favorite genres to sing, and being part of such an event allowed me to delve deeper into my own vocal abilities.

Gospel music has a unique power to touch hearts and uplift spirits, and being able to share that energy with a live audience was truly special.

Past Adventures in Voice Over Acting

I had the incredible opportunity to lend my voice to the bard Maryden Halewell in the popular video game Dragon Age: Inquisition. It was an exciting experience to bring this character to life through voice acting. Maryden Halewell is a talented musician in the game, and I had the privilege of providing her voice and capturing her essence.

And I sang all her bard songs as well – have a listen:

Tavern Songs – Dragon Age

It’s always fulfilling to see fans connect with the characters and their stories, and I am proud to have played a part in bringing Maryden Halewell to life in the world of Dragon Age.

Lucky & Luna

Lucky & Luna are wonderful stories for children that teach them about history in a unique way, through the perspective of a time-traveling cat and dog. I voice Luna, the cat, as well as Jean d’Arc in both the English and German versions.

Auf Augenhöhe

Auf Augenhöhe is a beautiful film, and I’m grateful that my voice played a small part in it.