Valeska And the River

Songs that hold the wisdom of feelings. They know more than I do …

Weaving piano sounds, the four elements into electronica and field recordings and thereby creating landscapes; traveling into Modern Classical, Ambient, Cinematic tunes, and beyond.
‘Valeska and the River‘ is the new name for my instrumental music from 2023 onwards.

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In The Press

“Rautenberg’s delicate minimalist approach and keen ear for tone & melody enables her to recreate the enchantment of those morning walks and the full sense of peace & wonder they engendered.“
Stationary Travels

“Transience – with this track Rautenberg ventures into suspense mode with a piece that has a piano tone worthy of a film soundtrack. The sound is one of distance mixed with fragility and loneliness.“ Drifting, Almost Falling.

“Schon das erste Stück „A Fragile Path To Peace“ zieht einem sofort den Boden unter den Füßen weg, um auf Wolken akustischer Ästhetik zu schweben. Welle um Welle ergießen sich das Klavier und die Streicher- Arrangements zu einem endlosen Ozean an intimer Klangästhetik.“ Gezeitenstrom

“Il y a longtemps que je n’avais pas ressenti un sentiment aussi poignant lors d’une première écoute. À l’image des meilleurs albums de Bohren & Der Club Of Gore, l’Allemande n’injecte aucune forme d’urgence dans son jeu, elle installe les éléments avec la plus grande finesse qui soit.“ Mes enceintes font défaut

“The piano melody that delicately floats in this piece has such character and depth, it’s hard not to feel connected to such a moving piece.“ Rural Sounds

“The song is called “Infinite” and features poignant words spoken from behind a veil of ambient textures as a prelude to a ravishing passage of solo piano. It is both a soothing and touching piece of music clearly offered from an open heart.“ Stationary Travels

Features & Milestones

Valeska’s piano music was featured 5 times in Nils Frahm’s official Piano Day playlists:
Piano Day 2023Piano Day 2022Piano Day 2021

Tanz-Zentrale Leipzig has created two beautiful dance choreography – music videos for the songs: ‘Your Dark And Tender Heart‘ & ‘Infinite‘.

The song ‚All Is Forgotten‘ is featured in the award winning documentary ‚You Bet I Dance‘.

A video by Words on Music dedicated to her music alongside her favorite quotes.

The song ‚Wandering‘ was featured in the first Virtual Reality phone booth in London – the London Teleport.

Valeska’s instrumental music was featured by the Ambient Channel, international radio stations as well as art projects and theatre plays.


Valeska is a multi-genre indie musician/singer/ composer, as well as a voice-over actress and a music coach. Born in East Berlin to actor Klaus- Peter Thiele and painter Rosemarie Rautenberg, she grew up living and breathing creativity and has followed that path throughout her life.

Under the name ‚Valeska and the River‘ you’ll find Valeska’s instrumental tunes that live in the realm of neoclassical and ambient music. Enjoy!

“Her music doesn’t follow any rules outside of her own inspiration, and so it happens that in the worlds she creates, the Cheshire Cat lives alongside the Steppenwolf.“ – Christian K.L. Fischer – SCHALL. Musikmagazin – Editor in Chief

Downloads & Links