Bio / Discography

Valeska Rautenberg


Weaving acoustic elements, storytelling vocals, and piano sounds into electronica and field recordings and thereby creating landscapes; traveling into Indie, Ambient, Trip-Hop, instrumental Modern Classical music and beyond …
“Songs that are alive and breathing. Songs that hold the wisdom of feelings. They know more than I do … “

Valeska is a multi-genre artist. A singer, a composer, and a producer.


Born in East Berlin to celebrated actor Klaus-Peter Thiele and painter Rosemarie Rautenberg, the multi-genre artist grew up living and breathing creativity and has followed that path throughout her life. Valeska started working as an actress at the age of eleven when she scored her first big role in a crime movie. She continued starring in movies and tv shows on and off for 10 years while at school and later during university. She starred in the highly acclaimed movie ‘Peanuts – die Bank zahlt alles‘ together with some of Germany’s most renowned actors and actresses, playing the daughter of Oscar winner Ulrich Mühe.

However as a teenager she discovered her true love, music, which has remained her passion ever since.
She studied music (voice, piano, songwriting and production) with various teachers and “Musikwissenschaften“ at Humboldt University Berlin and Freie Universität Berlin; she also received a private scholarship from an opera singer teaching at UDK Berlin. Furthermore she has toured with bands, become a dedicated music teacher, and released music of different genres on various labels. She co-wrote the hit single Trick & Kubik feat. Valeska – “Easy“, showcased in the finale of Heidi Klum’s show “Germany’s Next Topmodel“. She also joined the famed ‘City’ violinist Georgi Gogow as part of his band ’Der wilde Garten’, performing for the President of Germany, Horst Köhler, in a televised Christmas concert, played the opening show of Germany’s biggest Gospel festival and had a gig at Germany’s famous ’Fusion‘ festival.

From gigging in underground clubs to performing at large venues, all of these experiences had their place in the journey, and helped Valeska understand what truly matters to her and what is important about music. All of this has led her to develop her own unique way of both making and teaching music, with inspiration and honesty at its heart.


Valeska has worked as a musician, producer, music coach, composer and voice over actress for many years now and has started releasing her own music again in 2017, after taking a few years off for her private life. (Find the discography & music links below)

In addition she is collaborating on new music with many international artists. She explores all the genres she enjoys and there is a lot more to come …

“Her music doesn’t follow any rules outside of her own inspiration, and so it happens that in the worlds she creates, the Cheshire Cat lives alongside the Steppenwolf.“ – Christian K.L. Fischer SCHALL. – Editor in Chief – “About Valeska“


singer/composer/producer (excerpts)

The Way You Look At Me – Single (2024) – Valeska and the River

God Rays – Single (2024) – Valeska Rautenberg

A Winter’s Song – Single (2024) – Valeska and the River

„Wicked Game“ (Instrumental) – Single (2023) – Valeska and the River

„Wicked Game“ – Single (2023) – Valeska Rautenberg

“Never Lose Hope“ – Single (2023) via Sine Music (Germany) – Thomas Lemmer feat. Valeska Rautenberg

“River Soul (Songs For Piano, Wind & Water)“ – EP (2022) – Valeska Rautenberg

“Restless Heart“ – Single (2022) – Valeska Rautenberg

“A Journey Through The Particles“ – Single (2022) – Valeska Rautenberg

„A Berlin Waltz“ – Single (2022) – Valeska Rautenberg

“Tenderness“ – as part of Piano Layers 2 (2021) released via 7K! (Germany) – Valeska Rautenberg

“Butterfly Wings“ – Single (2021) via Sine Music (Germany) – Christoph Sebastian Pabst & Valeska Rautenberg

“Wonderland“ – Album (2021) via Sine Music (Germany) – Christoph Sebastian Pabst & Valeska Rautenberg

“And I Run“ – Single (2021) via Sine Music (Germany) – Christoph Sebastian Pabst & Valeska Rautenberg

“Along The 7 Seas“ – Single (2021) via Sine Music (Germany) – Thomas Lemmer & Andreas Bach feat. Valeska Rautenberg

“The Forest Song“ – Single (2021) via Blue Spiral Records (Italy) – Valeska Rautenberg

“You Are Everything“ – Single (2021) as a part of the “Uto’pians“ compilation via Blue Spiral Records (Italy) – Valeska Rautenberg

“Caught In The Middle Of Thee“ – Single (2020) + Remixes by Thomas Lemmer & Andreas Bach (2020) and NOVARAY (2021) – Valeska Rautenberg

“Into The Still White“ – Songs For Piano, Wind & Water“ – EP (2020) – Valeska Rautenberg

“This Life“ & “Expansion“ (2019) – We Are All Astronauts & Valeska Rautenberg

“Veins – Songs For Piano, Wind & Water“ – EP (2019) – Valeska Rautenberg

“Aerial Minds“ – EP (2018) – Valeska Rautenberg

“All Is Forgotten“ – Single (2018) – Valeska Rautenberg

“Midnight Children“ – Single (2018) – Valeska Rautenberg

“O Tannenbaum, du trägst ein’ grünen Zweig“ – (2017) – originally performed for the president of Germany in 2008; televised – „Weihnachen mit dem Bundespräsidenten“ – Georgi Gogow, Valeska Rautenberg, Rainer Rohloff

“Ether“ & “Walls Crumble“ (2017) – We Are All Astronauts & Valeska Rautenberg

“Whale Song“ – Single (2017) – Valeska Rautenberg & Alpha Minus

“Your love is fire“ – theater play – contribution of 2 musical pieces (2017)

“Dragon Age Inquisition“ – Video Game – The Bard Songs (German) – EA (2015)

“Higher“ – released via R.O.T. Records (2015) – Schlindwein

“Near” – Single released via Blackfoxmusic (2008) – Trick & Kubic feat. Valeska

„Believe“ – Single released via Greatstuff (2007) – Trick & Kubic feat. Valeska

“Easy”– Single released via Greatstuff/ Ministry of Sound (2006) – Trick & Kubic feat. Valeska

“Reverie“ – Single released via Blueflame Records (2005) – Dubdiver

„Melancholy“ – Single released via Black Hole Records/ Universal (2003) – Orkidea feat. Valeska

„Make it Loud“ – Single released via Universal Music (2003) – BB

„Zoe in Exile“ – Album – released via Single Malt Records (2003) – Cocoon

„Shining“ – Single released via Sony (2003) – Flawless

Movies, TV & Voice Over

Auf Augenhöhe/ Movie/ role: Barbara (voice)/ director: Joachim Dollhopf, Evi Goldbrunner (2016)

Dragon Age Inquisition/ Video Game/ role: Maryden Halewell (voice) (2015)

Lucky & Luna/ Audio Book Series/ role: Luna (voice – German & English) (2015 – 2017)

Lucky & Luna/ Audio Book Series/ role: Joan of Arc (voice – German & English) (2015 – 2017)

Breitengrad/ Short Movie/ role: Caro/ director: Eva Schwarz, Rasmus Sievers (2003)

St. Angela/ TV Series-Episode: Schlaflose Nächte/ role: Judith Bartels/ director: Sebastian Monk (2000)

Meine grüne Freiheit 1 & 2/ TV Movies/ role: Kate/ director: Axel Deroche (1999)

Peanuts – Die Bank zahlt alles/ Movie/ role: Lissi Schuster/ director: Carlo Rola (1996)

Gegen den Wind/ TV Series – Episode: Die Ausreißerin/ role: Jenny/ director: Helmut Krätzig (1996)

Sterne des Südens/ TV Series – Episode: Wenn die Liebe hinfällt/ role: Doreen/ director: Berengar Pfahl (1996)

Polizeiruf 110/ TV Series – Episode: Todesfall im Park/ role: Ina Dörfler/ director: Helmut Krätzig (1991)