Valeska Rautenberg

Hi there! I am Valeska, a passionate musician, music and vocal coach.
My vocal music lives in the realm of Indie Pop and Electronica and you can find it under my name:
Valeska Rautenberg
My instrumental neoclassical and ambient music you can find under:
Valeska and the River

I happily share my love for music with all my clients and students. I specialize in different vocal styles, composing, arranging, and working as a ghostwriter and session singer. I offer training in singing, speech, songwriting, and body language. Feel free to explore and have a listen!


About Valeska

„Listening to Valeska Rautenberg’s music is like traveling to a forest in which some mysterious being could appear without warning round every corner, a forest in which every movement is transformed into sound. This is the result of a long journey, one that began in East Berlin, where Valeska was born the daughter of the celebrated actor Klaus-Peter Thiele and the painter Rosemarie Rautenberg. 

This journey continued with early experiences as part of a dance company and appearing in a variety of films and TV shows. Valeska then lived for a time in England where she attended a performing arts class and played her first gig as a teenager in a small pub. Following her apprenticeship in jazz, blues, piano, classical singing techniques, as well as the methodology of teaching music and leading a choir, Valeska went out to explore the world of music. 

Working with a large number of bands and taking part in a whole range of musical projects, she gained experience in a wide variety of genres. She subsequently featured on the hit Trick & Kubik song ‚Easy‘, used in the final of the show ‚Germany’s Next Topmodel‘. She also joined the famed ‘City’ violinist Georgi Gogow as part of his trio ’Der Wilde Garten’, performing the legendary song ‚Am Fenster‘, as well as playing for the President of Germany, Horst Köhler, in a televised Christmas concert.

From gigging in underground clubs to performing at the Brandenburg Gate, all of these experiences had their place in the journey, and helped Valeska understand what truly matters to her and what is important about music. All of this has led her to develop her own unique way of both making and teaching music, with inspiration and honesty at its heart. It is all about finding your own form of expression and a space where the worldly ego can take a nap and melodies can find their own way to the surface as the subconscious is allowed to sing.

And there you will find yourself with her in that forest where the grinning Cheshire Cat could be waiting round every corner.“

Written by: Stefanie Klein

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Valeska Rautenberg
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„She paints with sounds. Her voice creates colours…and suddenly, there are landscapes.

Images come alive in your mind, you wander through them, discover them, feel them. Valeska Rautenberg takes you with her – she doesn’t give you a choice other than to follow her into her cosmos of music.
Valeska is a singer, a songwriter, a musician.

Born in Berlin to actor Klaus-Peter Thiele and painter Rosemarie Rautenberg, she grew up living and breathing creativity and has followed that path throughout her life. She began with dance and moved to acting before settling on her true calling, music. To express herself through music is the most natural thing in the world to her.

For this reason, her music doesn’t follow any rules outside of her own inspiration, and so it happens that in the worlds she creates, the Cheshire Cat lives alongside the Steppenwolf. Her songs inhabit a space between vast and empty deserts, a whiskey sour and submersion in the deepest, bluest ocean, to then eventually pour a spectacle of colours down upon you. Her love for Portishead and for artists like PJ Harvey, Fiona Apple and Radiohead has left its footprints within these landscapes, but her own confident steps prove that Valeska sounds like no one other than herself. In her voice, she reveals all of her many facets to you: sometimes intimate and then intense, sometimes dreamy and then again ruthlessly open … all of that carried by the piano and melancholy downbeats. Sometimes the arrangement is minimal, other times the paintbrush paints a larger picture. Today, this limitless way of making music has become rare, as Valeska puts her entire soul into these musical journeys.

And yes: You are invited to come along, to accompany her … welcome!“

Written by:
Christian K.L. Fischer  SCHALL. – Editor in Chief

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