the soundtrack to my innermost.


  • A Winter’s Song by Valeska and the River

    A Winter’s Song by Valeska and the River

    A Winter’s Song – a delicate waltz to celebrate the beauty of winter by my neoclassical project ‚Valeska and the River‘ Immerse yourself in a serene winter wonderland with Valeska and the River’s latest piano composition. Read More

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  • Infinite – Out Now

    Infinite – Out Now

    ‚Infinite‘ is the piano piece that took the longest to release. It is complex and different and in a 13/8 rhythm (why on earth would I do that?). It cost me sleepless nights, but I love it! Read More

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  • My life with the squirrels on TikTok

    My life with the squirrels on TikTok

    If you want to follow the ‚cute animals‘ side of my life, then I’d suggest you follow my TikTok account ‚Valeska and the squirrels‘.Read More

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Valeska Rautenberg

My voice meets Indie Pop, Trip Hop & Electronica

Songs that are alive and breathing. Songs that hold the wisdom of feelings. They know more than I do!

Valeska and the river

My piano meets Neoclassical, Ambient & Cinematic Music

Every stroke of the keys, an expression of the innermost, transcending words and voice.


Valeska Rautenberg

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Valeska And The River

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Valeska Rautenberg

„She paints with sounds. Her voice creates colours … and suddenly, there are landscapes. Images come alive in your mind, you wander through them, feel them. Valeska Rautenberg takes you with her – follow her into her cosmos of music and find out about her journey.“

– Christian K. L. Fischer (Schall Magazin)


‚To find your voice is to discover a sound that is all your own – it is to sound like you are.‘

With my style of teaching, I want to convey my enthusiasm for singing and songwriting; and guide you playfully and creatively to go beyond what you thought your limits were.

My Voice, lyrics & music skills for your project.

Songs, voiceover, production, songwriting & more.


  • A winter's song Valeska and the River

    A Winter’s Song

  • Valeska Rautenberg Wicked Game

    Wicked Game

  • Never lose hope Valeska Rautenberg

    Never Lose Hope