Valeska Rautenberg

Storytelling vocals and piano sounds meet electronica and field recordings, creating captivating landscapes that traverse genres such as Indie Pop, Downbeat, Trip-Hop, and beyond.

This is a love story – a journey of discovering my voice with all its expressions. It took dramatic turns and encountered obstacles, much like a captivating romance film. In the end, we found each other! Together, we love, fight, share, and sometimes disagree — an ever-evolving tale of growth. Combining this passionate love story with my joy of creating sounds, textures, beats, and unique flavors, my music came to life. I create what feels right in each moment, aiming to give voice to the ineffable, the difficult to express.

Valeska and the River

Blending pianos and the four elements with ambient sounds, I craft intricate musical landscapes that travel into genres such as Modern Classical, Ambient, Cinematic, and beyond.

The piano became my voice when words failed me. Through this exquisite instrument, I found the means to convey emotions that eluded lyrics and singing. Composing instrumental music has been liberating, allowing me to rely solely on the power of musical expression without my voice. I have always been captivated by the grandeur of epic soundtracks and the intimacy of minimalistic piano compositions. Hence, I proudly present ‚Valeska and the River,‘ the new name for my instrumental music starting from 2023. I feel immensely grateful that five of my instrumental pieces were selected by Nils Frahm for his esteemed Piano Day playlists.