A Winter’s Song by Valeska and the River

A Winter’s Song – a delicate waltz to celebrate the beauty of winter by my neoclassical project ‚Valeska and the River‘ Immerse yourself in a serene winter wonderland with Valeska and the River’s latest piano composition. Transporting listeners to the most tranquil moments of winter, where the world hushes into untroubled calmness, Valeska and the River’s composition captures the ephemeral magic when snow blankets the landscape, momentarily concealing the stresses of life. As the delicate piano notes gently cascade, a mesmerizing string arrangement beckons the audience to embark on a melancholic dance through a snowy forest—a waltz with nature itself. This evocative musical journey is more than just a composition; it’s an enchanting escape into the heart of a peaceful winter sanctuary.“

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Written, performed and produced by Valeska Rautenberg aka Valeska and the River

Mixed by Thomas Lemmer / Mastered by Ramin Tehrani