A Journey Through The Particles – Out Now

💙 A new song & a new video 💙 I hope you enjoy 🥰😘 https://music.valeskarautenberg.com/journey

A Journey Through The Particles – Imagine a piano song accidentally ending up in a Berlin night club. It starts as a tender and playful piano piece venturing out into choirs and string ensembles, then somehow ending up in a night club to meet synths and beats for a drink. It’s a journey. A representation of our inner journey as we go through this life, from fragile moments into bursts of energy. Its ecstatic dance melting into softness of heart – exploring all facets of life – all particles.This is the second single from the upcoming EP ‚River Soul (Songs For Piano, Wind & Water) This project was funded by GVL & Neustarthilfe Kultur. My little song baby was mixed by Ramin Tehrani, mastered by Chris Pavey & the video was made by Hana Pezhman out of footage I shot and collected over the years.