‚Aerial Minds‘ in the press

Oh what a pleasure it is to see the Aerial Minds EP fly into all sorts of corners of the world. Thanks for the wonderful support!


1.Drifting, Almost Falling wrote a wonderful review on the EP. It starts with the words ‚I have an aversion to vocalists…‘, but read for yourself 😉

2.Musical Notes Global introduced the 4 Part EP Series. Yes, there will be four 🙂

3.Indie Music Women wrote an amazing in – depth review. Just wow…

4.Emerging Indie Bands picked the song Judas, the most political one, to introduce the EP. Yay!

5.Get In Her Ears supported me again and introduced the ‚I Am Weak And So Are You‘ music video.

6.Pastel Wasteland interviewed me about the EP, the music videos, Berlin, and the future ;-).

7.Block Studio – check it out! Good friends and superb musicians!

8.Purebreak – charts in France.

9.Hype Machine