Aerial Minds EP Out Now

I’m so happy to share with you this little piece of my heart 🙂

Aerial Minds is the first of a cycle of four EPs: Each dedicated to one of the four elements.

They are like parts of an equation, like puzzle pieces to me.  Every song is a facet. An element. But whole on their own.

Let’s start with air: All four songs, though they vary in genre (from Darkpop/Trip-Hop to Storytelling Piano-Tunes), explore the EP’s main theme; the element air, capturing the intangible, ethereal and unthinkable in their own very unique ways.

It gets political, deals with loss, falls in love with human weaknesses and much more.

I’ve already introduced you to ‚Midnight Children ’ and ’All Is Forgotten’; now please meet ‚I am weak and so are you – Music Video‘ and ‚Judas‘ – the newest musical babies, completing the Aerial Minds EP.

All songs written, produced and performed by Valeska Rautenberg

Midnight Children & Judas mixed by Marian Kuch

I Am Weak And So Are You mixed by Philip Hansmann

All Is Forgotten mixed by Toby Craig

All songs mastered by Zino Mikorey except Judas is mastered by Marian Kuch

I hope you enjoy! Please spread the love and your support my music on Bandcamp or the streaming/download service of your choosing. It would mean the world :-).