Reviews And Support For „All Is Forgotten“

Once again I want to thank everyone who supported my little song baby on its journey!

Oh, so amazing words by Tunedloud that make me blush every time.

-“All Is Forgotten” is quite simply a thing of sublime splendor. Between melody, counter-melody and sweetly intricate harmonies, Valeska shows off a subtle bohemian spirit and a deep appreciation of simple, pastoral beauty. 

Thank so much Dubiks Music!

Großen Dank für die bezaubernden Worte ans Schall Magazin!

Once again the lovely Ladies of Get In Her Ears made a home for my song on their radio show on Hoxton Radio/London.

Another big Thank you to Undertones!

And yay to Storm Music!

And a bunch of great Spotify playlists 🙂