All is forgotten - Valeska Rautenberg

New Music/New Video: All Is Forgotten

„Love me to pieces … so I resurrect.“

For the quiet moments, the introspection, the reminiscence.
Come take a walk with me into the vastness…

I’m so happy to introduce you to my new song: ‚All Is Forgotten’.

Here’s the music video: All Is Forgotten on Youtube

An ethereal, sombre piano/vocal piece that invites you to pause and remember all that has been with a bittersweet melancholy.

‚All Is Forgotten‘ is my second single from the ‚Aerial Minds‘ EP. It turns to a more classic songwriting approach by employing simplicity and piano sounds, whereas the first single ‚Midnight Children‘ is a dark, ambient downbeat piece. Both singles explore the EP’s main theme, the element air, capturing the intangible and ethereal in their own very unique ways.

Mixed by Toby Craig @
Mastered by Zino Mikorey @

Song, Production, Video and Cover Art by me ;-)



„Love me to pieces … so I resurrect.“

Für die stillen Momente, das ’nach innen Blicken‘, die Erinnerung.
Lasst uns einen Spaziergang in die Weite machen…

Ich freue mich heute einen neuen Song vorstellen zu dürfen: All Is Forgotten’.
Genießt das Video : All Is Forgotten on Youtube

Alles Liebe,