Into The Still White (Songs For Piano, Wind & Water)

Dear lovely humans,

here’s my new modern classical piano EP ‚Into The Still White‘ for you! I hope it brings you some sweet moments in these interesting times! Love, Valeska

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Twilight: When the dark meets the light for a good night kiss. Deep within a forest where no one can see their secret bliss.

Infinite: My heart melts into rivers … into the infinite until it becomes pure tenderness. My heart, my infinite heart … it always loves.

Your Dark And Tender Heart: Life is ever changing. Your heart – too tender to follow the stream of change. Your heart –  wrapped in darkness by your never changing mind. Now estranged. A broken heart creates the most beautiful mosaic.

Blissful Naïveté: I wish I had not known … and I could still float in blissful oblivion.

Sitting by the window, looking out at the rain, following a train of thought while having a cup of tea … serenity meets the sweet melancholy of a just-finished book, a deep sigh, the feeling of longing for a non-existent place … here’s the soundtrack to my current state of mind.

A collection of memories, favorite places, and forgotten tales wrapped in ambient soundscapes and minimalistic piano music.

Sometimes there’s no need for words. You can let the wind whisper, the water roar, the birds talk, and the streets of Berlin tell their stories … while you play along on the piano, capturing all of those little moments.