New Music! „Midnight Children“ is here.

Here’s a piece of me for you: „Midnight Children“ – the first single of the „Aerial Minds“ EP coming later this year.
A song for all the night addicts and over-thinkers, the brooders, introverts, and the melancholy lovers … for the sensitive ones, moon howlers, the seekers and believers. This is both for the beauty and the ugliness we all carry inside. Cherish it!
„Tears of Time…I lick them dry and make their salt fertile.“

For all the sweet, sweet children of the night…enjoy 🙂



Watch the music video here

Mixed by my wonderful sound wizard who always gives my music wings to fly
Marian Kuch

Mastered by Mr Super Ears Zino Mikorey

And kisses to my lovely cover girl Ronja Gabriel

Midnight Children was written, performed and produced by Valeska Rautenberg

The Midnight Children Video and Cover was shot and edited by Valeska Rautenberg