Caught In The Middle Of Thee – Out Now

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Caught In The Middle Of Thee …

It took a lot of living, learning and letting go to create this song. I hope it touches you … from the bottom of my heart!

When life runs away with you and you get caught up in the whirlwind of time: „Wait for me, wait for me! I am caught in the middle of thee“

„Caught In The Middle Of Thee“ is a song that, to me, is pure feeling. It doesn’t need many words nor instruments and conveys its meaning solely with the voice.
It is an (almost) a cappella song venturing into the realm of ambient and gospel inspired ethereal sound atmospheres.
The song is taking on the feeling of being caught in the middle of all the big questions of life like God’s existence, life’s meaning, and the question of the self. Like a storm we can’t see when we are caught in its eye, we can’t see clearly when we are right in the middle of life’s quests.

„Caught In The Middle Of Thee“ will be released on 19th October 2020 and will be joined by a remix by German ambient/downbeat artists Thomas Lemmer & Andreas Bach. The remix will be released on 2nd November 2020.

Thomas Lemmer & Andreas Bach about “Caught In The Middle Of Thee“:

„Valeska’s song „Caught In The Middle Of Thee“ immediately convinced us to create a remix of it. Her expressive voice and the emotions the song evokes touched us deeply. We imagined an organic sounding downtempo version with ambient influences as a remix. We wanted to support the overall mood of the song with an ethereal sound design and a love of detail. We love it when music has great depth and Valeska conveys it perfectly with her emotional voice.“

Written, performed and produced by Valeska Rautenberg
Mixed by Marian Kuch
Mastered by Zino Mikorey Mastering
Video & Cover Art by Valeska Rautenberg
Cover picture by Boris Rupnow