Caught In The Middle Of Thee – REMIXED 2 x – Synthwave & Ambient

  1. Caught In The Middle Of Thee – NOVARAY Remix … when an ethereal a cappella song becomes a sexy synth wave banger 😉 Support/Download  It took a lot of living, learning and letting go to create this song and to purely sing my heart out. When life runs away with you and you get caught up in the whirlwind of time: „Wait for me, wait for me! I am caught in the middle of thee“ „Caught In The Middle Of Thee“ – the original – is an (almost) a cappella song venturing into the realm of ambient and gospel inspired ethereal sound atmospheres. Who knew it could become a sexy 80s inspired synth wave song? What an amazing experience remixes can be! Ramin Tehrani aka NOVARAY is a very good friend of mine and when I sent the original song to him he immediately felt inspired and started playing around with beats and synths and I loved his initial ideas so much that I encouraged him to create a proper remix. And I couldn’t be happier with the result. And also … it’s his first release as a solo artist outside of his band career. Yay! But listen for yourself 🙂 Not only do we have a strong personal bond but also a deep musical connection, even though we come from very different genres we always find a middle ground where our creativity knows no boundaries. You will hear a lot more from us in the future. And as if a musical remix wasn’t enough, Ramin also remixed my original video ;-). Have a listen and a look …

2. Caught In The Middle Of Thee … The Downbeat/Ambient remix. By German ambient/downbeat artists Thomas Lemmer & Andreas Bach. Remixes fascinate me … ⭐️ turning an existing piece of music into something totally different, giving it new clothes to wear, new colours to shine in … how amazing!

Thomas Lemmer & Andreas Bach about “Caught In The Middle Of Thee“: „Valeska’s song „Caught In The Middle Of Thee“ immediately convinced us to create a remix of it. Her expressive voice and the emotions the song evokes touched us deeply. We imagined an organic sounding downtempo version with ambient influences as a remix. We wanted to support the overall mood of the song with an ethereal sound design and a love of detail. We love it when music has great depth and Valeska conveys it perfectly with her emotional voice.“

credits: Written & performed by Valeska Rautenberg / Remix 1 produced/mixed by Ramin Tehrani aka NOVARAY / Remix 2 produced/mixed by Thomas Lemmer & Andreas Bach / Mastered by Piet Charlet @ Time Tool Mastering / Videos by Valeska Rautenberg / Video NOVARAY remix produced/edited by Ramin Tehrani / Cover Art by Valeska Rautenberg / Cover pic by Boris Rupnow