You Are Everything – Out Now

“You Are Everything“

Well, once in a while there is a love song inside of me that needs to emerge from the depths … in this case from the bottom of my heart at around 4 am in the morning, recorded in my bedroom in Berlin Friedrichshain a few years ago.
I tried to capture the pure and vulnerable intimacy of that moment.

I’m glad the song is finally in the world and also serves a good cause!
A share of the profits will be donated to Animals Australia, Australia’s leading animal protection organisation.

My song is part of the “Uto’pians” album that will be released on the 26th of March via Blue Spiral Records.
“Uto’pians” is a piano collection consisting of compositions by composers from all over the world. Now in its second edition, the artists were chosen by the curators Raphaelle Thibaut and Jordane Tumarinson.

Enjoy & stream away

Written, performed and produced by Valeska Rautenberg
Mixed, mastered and co-produced by Marian Kuch
Originally released by Blue Spiral Records and now back with me