This Life – We Are All Astronauts & Valeska Rautenberg

Hi everyone — I’m so happy to introduce you to this new song!
Here’s a snippet of „This Life“ – a new collaboration with the amazing We Are All Astronauts
You can listen to the whole song on BandcampSpotify, and all the others 

It’s a song about how hard it is not to fall out out of love with this life and all its current trials and tribulations when all you wanna do is just breathe and feel …

„This Life“ is part of the wonderful „The Visitors“ EP. Give it a listen. It will carry you away into infinite spheres. Also – there’s another song I’m singing on this EP called Expansion.

„Life is a notion running through my fingers like water that I’ve tried to catch.
God knows what I could not see while my spirit was asleep – in a deep, deep sleep. I keep falling out of love with this life.“