River Soul Valeska Rautenberg


Like the soul of a river – always moving, full of hope to that unknown destination. On its way making the acquaintance of heartbreak, loss, change, tumult, joy, love, and peace. https://music.valeskarautenberg.com/riversoul River Soul – the ever-changing, fickle nature of […]

Restless Heart Valeska Rautenberg


A new piano piece for all my restless hearts out there … for the longing, the hoping, the always searching! May this song caress you on your journey! https://music.valeskarautenberg.com/restlessheart And a beautiful music video to go along with it: This […]

A Journey Through The Particles - Valeska Rautenberg

A Journey Through The Particles – Out Now

A new song & a new video I hope you enjoy https://music.valeskarautenberg.com/journey Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nh8OFhKCTOU A Journey Through The Particles – Imagine a piano song accidentally ending up in a Berlin night club. It starts as a tender and playful piano […]


Tadaaa 🙃 Thanks to the #gvl and #neustartkultur I got to produce another neoclassical EP called River Soul. Yay 😀! https://music.valeskarautenberg.com/berlinwaltz Here is the first single for your listening pleasure. Trust me, it’s a weird thing to release and promote […]

Valeska Rautenberg Wonderland

Wonderland – Album – Out Now

Listen here: Wonderland On November 26th 2021, Sine Music will be releasing the EP “Wonderland” by Christoph Sebastian Pabst and Valeska Rautenberg. The EP will be available for streaming and download on all well known platforms. „The way we inspired […]

Along the 7 seas Valeska Rautenberg

Along The 7 Seas – Out Now

Listen here: Along The 7 Seas Press Release: Thomas Lemmer and Andreas Bach are back with another single from their forthcoming album. For their new single “Along the 7 seas” they invited the incredibly talented singer and songwriter Valeska Rautenberg, […]

The Forest Song Valeska Rautenberg

The Forest Song – Out Now

My beloved Forest Song is out :-) Stream/Listen/Support Music Video The Forest Song is a song that, to me, sounds like standing in the middle of a sunny forest clearing with the wind rustling in the leaves while being in […]

Valeska Rautenberg - You Are Everything

You Are Everything – Out Now

“You Are Everything“ Well, once in a while there is a love song inside of me that needs to emerge from the depths … in this case from the bottom of my heart at around 4 am in the morning, […]

Caught In The Middle Of Thee - Valeska Rautenberg

Caught In The Middle Of Thee – Out Now

Listen/Watch here: Caught In The Middle Of Thee Caught In The Middle Of Thee … It took a lot of living, learning and letting go to create this song. I hope it touches you … from the bottom of my […]