Lots Of Music To Come…

Dear ones,

new music is coming in August! Yay!

The first wonderful collaboration that will see the light of day is the ‘Whale Song’, which was created with Alpha Minus from Istanbul. I can only describe it as modern synth sounds meeting the vastness of the ocean.
I wrote this song about 10 years ago and could never really figure out what its destination would be…I just knew that it would have its moment one day. And then Alpha Minus came along and wove it into this beautiful arrangement.

Here is a teaser:  Whale Song

The next lovely piece of music comes from Boston based artists, We Are All Astronauts. I will let you know more soon. Promised!

Then later this year I will release my song ‘Strange Companion’ together with a music video that holds quite a few surprises in the way it came to life.

Even after that there’s still a lot more music in the pipeline.

Stay tuned :-).

Yours truly,



(Picture and the beautiful wave footage by Karsten Bartel)



Liebe Alle,

es kommt bald neue Musik…juhu!

Den Anfang machen ein paar wunderbare Kollaborationen mit ‚We are all Astronauts‘ aus Boston und ‚Alpha Minus‘ aus Istanbul.

Später in diesem Jahr werde ich meinen Song Strange Companion mitsamt Video veröffentlichen, welches ein paar Überraschungen bereithält. Uhhh…

Und auch danach werden noch einige musikalischen Schätzchen das Licht der Welt erblicken.

Ich würde mich freuen, wenn ihr mich auf dieser Reise begleiten würdet.

Yours truly,