This Life Valeska Ratenberg

This Life – We Are All Astronauts & Valeska Rautenberg

Hi everyone — I’m so happy to introduce you to this new song! Here’s a snippet of „This Life“ – a new collaboration with the amazing We Are All Astronauts You can listen to the whole song on Bandcamp, Spotify, and all […]

Valeska Rautenberg

Veins Ep in the press

It is always such a wonderful thing to see my music fly into the world and feel it touch somebody’s life … Thank you for all the support, the beautiful words and the great opportunities: Wonderful interview opportunity with Gezeitenstrom. […]

Berliner Morgen - Valeska Rautenberg

Berliner Morgen Music Video

My Berlin … Here it is! I declare my love for Berlin … Berliner Morgen music video Capturing the beauty and the solitude of a walk through Berlin at 5.30 in the morning. Imagine coming out of a club (possibly […]

Veins EP Valeska Rautenberg

Veins – Songs For Piano, Wind & Water

Dear Ones, here we are … finally new music! Although I usually let my vocals do the storytelling in my music that lives in the realm of Trip-Hop and Downbeat, this time my path led me into discovering the power […]

Valeska Rautenberg

winter hibernation – new music – new videos

Dear ones, Winter is upon us and I’m in hibernation mode … I’m sure you can relate! Next year there will be lots of new music and other shenanigans! I will release a piano EP in the style of this piece: […]

Aerial Minds EP - Valeska Rautenberg

‚Aerial Minds‘ in the press

Oh what a pleasure it is to see the Aerial Minds EP fly into all sorts of corners of the world. Thanks for the wonderful support! 1.Drifting, Almost Falling wrote a wonderful review on the EP. It starts with the […]

Aerial Minds EP - Valeska Rautenberg

Aerial Minds EP Out Now

I’m so happy to share with you this little piece of my heart :-)   Aerial Minds is the first of a cycle of four EPs: Each dedicated to one of the four elements. They are like parts of an […]

Ein Herzensprojekt für den guten Zweck/Charity song

Karneval im Kinderzimmer ist ein bezauberndes Kinderlied, dass ich für den Schauspieler und Synchronsprecher Christoph Drobig produziert habe (Er hat es unter dem Namen Chris Himmelsbach veröffentlicht). Über 50 Prozent der Einnahmen gehen an diverse Kinderhilfsprojekte, über die er Euch auf […]

Schall Musikmagazin Valeska Rautenberg All Is Forgotten

Reviews And Support For „All Is Forgotten“

Once again I want to thank everyone who supported my little song baby on its journey! Oh, so amazing words by Tunedloud that make me blush every time. -“All Is Forgotten” is quite simply a thing of sublime splendor. Between […]

All is forgotten - Valeska Rautenberg

New Music/New Video: All Is Forgotten

„Love me to pieces … so I resurrect.“ For the quiet moments, the introspection, the reminiscence. Come take a walk with me into the vastness… I’m so happy to introduce you to my new song: ‚All Is Forgotten’. Here’s the […]