We Are All Astronauts - The Machines

We Are All Astronauts – The Machines

Today I would like to introduce you to the magnificent ‚We Are All Astronauts‘ from Boston whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with on some beautiful music. The EP ‚The Machines‘ has just been released and I’m so happy […]

Whale Song - Valeska Rautenberg & Alpha Minus

Whale Song Out Now!

And here it is…the ‚Whale Song‘ is out and on Spotify, Itunes and all the other usual suspects. Yay! I wrote this song about 10 years ago and could never really figure out what its destination would be…I just knew […]

Facebook! Let’s Have Coffee Together, Shall We?

Dear ones, since new music is gonna see the light of day very soon I finally gave in and created a public Facebook page. Tadaaa :  Valeska’s Facebook page I’d be delighted if you joined me here. Oh and…: „Dear […]

Lots Of Music To Come…

Dear ones, new music is coming in August! Yay! The first wonderful collaboration that will see the light of day is the ‘Whale Song’, which was created with Alpha Minus from Istanbul. I can only describe it as modern synth […]

Music for theatre play 'Your love is fire'

Your Love Is Fire

‚Your love is fire‘ is a theatre play by Syrian author Mudar Alhaggi. I’ve had the honour of contributing two musical pieces to this play, and it will have its Berlin premiere on the 10th of June. You’ll find more […]

Valeska Rautenberg Instagram

Find Me On Instagram

Hello there…if you want to know a little bit more about me and the places I like, my pareidolia passion and – of course – cats; come find me on Instagram 😉 Find me on Instagram

Valeska Rautenberg_Lucky und Luna

Lucky und Luna – das interaktive Kinderbuch

One of my very favourite projects is this wonderful app and audiobook series for children. As well as doing the audio production, I lend my voice to Luna, a very special cat indeed. The recording for the fourth book is […]


Ein paar Gedanken zum allgemeinen Geschehen… Menschenlos Struktur, Gebilde, wesenloses Sein Stehst als Gottesnarr vorm Faun Verstehst nicht Abel, wirst zum Kain Mordest Schlangen im Birnenbaum Mein Gruß der Dummheit Pein Meine Liebe dem geistleeren Schaum Schöpfung, Leben, Einfachheit Stehst […]

Valeska Rautenberg_Berlin Songs

Schlindwein & Valeska

The record label R.O.T. is celebrating its 18th birthday (Happy Birthday!) and to mark the occasion, they have released a sampler called ‚Berlin Sounds for the Next Decade‘ featuring a variety of different artists. One of them is a fine […]